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The groups inside IGNITE are carefully monitored by some of the most talented leaders in veterinary medicine. Brimming with resources, capsule reports, and training - only the most current thinking is available and all outdated information gets archived. With our incredible search function, veterinarians are able to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting lost in a forum thread. Our experts post challenging and unique cases into the groups for additional learning opportunities.

IGNITE is a place where members can also discuss their own cases they’re working on, have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of videos and pictures in seconds, and get answers from our experts and their peers. Members collaborate, learn, and grow by helping one another.

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Ask the Neurologist

Moderator: Peter Brofman, DVM, MS, ACVIM (Neurology & Internal Medicine)

Ask the Cardiologist

Moderator: Bryan Bottorff, DVM, DACVIM

Ask the Oncologist

Moderator: Meighan Daly, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)

Ask the Radiologist

Moderator: Tony Pease, DVM, MS, DACVR

Ask the Parasitologist

Moderator: Lindsay Starkey, DVM, PhD, DACVM-Parasitology

Rehab + Integrative Medicine

Moderator: Christine Jurek, DVM

Veterinarian Training

Here you'll find videos and courses, RACE approved CE and bite-sized info to help take you to the next level. Use our powerful search to find what you are looking for, or simply click on the pinned post and browse by category.

IGNITE Illuminations

If there's something new on IGNITE, this is the group where you'll hear it first. Illuminations is where put the most important announcements, articles you need to read, and any functionality upgrades.

Personal Wellness

The process of cultivating a positive and affirming mindset, and working toward a state of being in good health, is an important pursuit in the veterinary industry. This group provides resources and ideas to propel and lift up CSRs, techs, doctors, managers, and owners.

Zoetis Member Community

Zoetis Petcare logo

View or download fact sheets, dosage charts, and client handouts. Stay in-the-know with your all access pass to Zoetis staff, watch and download videos, resources, social media posts, CE opportunities, and more.

Royal Canin Community

Royal Canin logo

View or download nutrition and diet-specific fact sheets, product guides, and client handouts. Stay in-the-know with your all access pass to Royal Canin staff, watch and download videos, resources, CE opportunities, and more.

Ask the Internist

Moderator: Diane Levitan, VMD, DACVIM

Ask the Anesthesiologist

Moderator: Bonnie Hay Kraus, DVM, DACVS, DACVAA

Ask the Surgeons

Moderators: Shanti Jha, DVM, DACVS and Mark B. Parchman, DVM, DACVS, CCRT

Ask the Dermatologist

Moderator: Candace Sousa, DVM, DABVP, DACVD

Ask the Personal Finance Advisor

Moderator: Ashley Foster, CFP, LUTCF

IGNITE Dentistry Hub

Moderator: Jennifer Mathis, DVM, CVPP

Ask the Avian & Exotics Specialist

Moderator: Todd Cecil, DVM, DABVP (avian), Cert AqV

Canine Behavior Modification

Moderator: Donna Chandler, our behavior guru

IGNITE Helpdesk

Ask any questions you might have about account maintenance, functionality, or how the IGNITE learning platform works. We are here to make your experience awesome!

Used Equipment Marketplace

The mission of this group is to keep every dog in his or her home by dramatically reducing the number of dogs abandoned, surrendered, or euthanized every year due to behavioral issues. Ask our Behaviorist, Donna Chandler, any questions you have surrounding dog behavior.

Wedgewood Pharmacy

Wedgewood Pharmacy logo

Access veterinary pharmacists, find technical information about compounded medication, notifications about manufacturer backorders, links to drug information, and more.

Search Textbooks and Formularies via Chat

We've partnered with LifeLearn Animal Health to include Sofie, a tool that allows you to search over 40,000 pages of content from the most trusted and credible veterinary textbooks, journals and conference proceedings... through a chatbot on IGNITE included with your membership.

The key to Sofie’s leading-edge technology is IBM Watson®, an innovative, cognitive computing system that uses augmented intelligence to rapidly search and deliver veterinary medical information, from differentials and drug information to diagnostic and treatment advice.

Designed to respond to natural-language questions, Sofie delivers results based on context instead of just keywords and guarantees that Sofie will retrieve the most relevant results on searches. In other words... you just ask Sofie, like you would ask a friend, or Google. And since Sofie includes ongoing updates, Sofie users always have the latest information at their fingertips to support the best possible diagnosis and treatment decisions.

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