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Practice Management Resource Library

This group contains all of IGNITE's practice management forms, templates, articles, spreadsheets, documents, and checklists. Use our powerful search to find what you are looking for, or simply click on the pinned post and browse by category. Our goal is to continuously share best in class resources that you need to do your job well, and keep you from wasting time reinventing the wheel.

IGNITE Illuminations

If there's something new on IGNITE, this is the group where you'll hear it first. Illuminations is where put the most important announcements, articles you need to read, and any functionality upgrades.

Ask the HR Expert

Help with those pesky HR questions is finally here! Our Human Resources Expert, Dana Buck, will be able to answer questions and guide you through tough situations.

Used Equipment Marketplace

Got unused equipment collecting dust? Members can post any equipment they are looking to sell, or looking to buy from another hospital. Our goal with this group is to extend the life of useful veterinary equipment. If it doesn't sell and you want to donate it, IGNITE will help get your used equipment to a veterinary-related charity.

Ask the Hospital Designer

Are you looking for some quick advice on how to spruce up your lobby? Or do you think your hospital is ready for an overhaul? This group will allow you to submit photos of your space for instant advice from Brian Upp, long-time veterinary hospital designer.

CVPM Study Group

Attention all aspiring CVPMs! We have a place for aspiring CVPMs to share resources and ideas, ask questions and get support from their peers. **For serious Managers only-- you must have your application approved by the VHMA to join.

Practice Management Videos & Courses

Here you'll find RACE approved CE, VHMA approved courses, and bite-sized videos to help you take your management moxie to the next level. Watch quick, to-the-point instructional and narrative videos on a variety of topics that you encounter everyday. Search for a topic in particular or simply click on the pinned post and browse by category.

Questions for the Community

Ask your IGNITE colleagues questions about practice management issues, equipment they like (or don't), how they would handle a difficult client or employee scenario, or just share a good idea that has worked for you. The best part? You get responses in real time!

Canine Behavior Modification

The mission of this group is to keep every dog in his or her home by dramatically reducing the number of dogs abandoned, surrendered, or euthanized every year due to behavioral issues. Ask our Behaviorist, Donna Chandler, any questions you have surrounding dog behavior.

Practice Management Classroom

Here we collaborate to learn more about industry trends, management skills, and culture building tools. Practice Management Classroom provides a safe space to share concerns, questions, and feedback to collectively grow the Practice Management cohort. Along with the guided topic discussions, anyone is welcomed to ask questions to the community and share resources.

IGNITE Helpdesk

Ask any questions you might have about account maintenance, functionality, or how the IGNITE learning platform works. We are here to make your experience awesome!

Personal Wellness

The process of cultivating a positive and affirming mindset, and working toward a state of being in good health, is an important pursuit in the veterinary industry. This group provides resources and ideas to propel and lift up CSRs, techs, doctors, managers, and owners.

Take a virtual tour of our Practice Manager Learning Community

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Meet IGNITE's Practice Management Expert

All of IGNITE's practice management communities are moderated by our resident subject matter expert, seasoned and well-versed in the art of managing a veterinary practice.

Annika VanNoy

Dr. Annika VanNoy is a learning strategist fueled by compassion, curiosity, and dissatisfaction with the current state of adult learning in the veterinary industry. In her PhD work she combined her passion for both teaching and learning while investigating the possibilities that modern cognitive psychology models provide to adult learning. Her passion was recognized with two teaching awards and a graduate fellowship to sponsor her PhD studies. During her graduate work, Annika followed another one of her passions– the love and care for animals. She started working at a large veterinary hospital in Austin, TX and quickly began to see the wide array of opportunities for improving veterinary continued education and the opportunities for all people to expand their careers in veterinary medicine. Annika took over the Hospital Administrator role after only having worked at the hospital for two short years; her passion and eagerness to implement change and promote new, challenging approaches to learning didn’t stay unrecognized for long. Annika jumped at the opportunity to lead the Learning Department of Pathway Vet Alliance. During her tenure as the Director of Learning at Pathway Vet Alliance, Annika has developed trainings that have been rolled out to best support the over 3,000 veterinary professionals within Pathway. In her current role, she oversees all Learning endeavors and facilitates national workshops to train veterinary professionals on Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Business Operating principles.

Hear From Our Members

Kevin Chapman, DVM - Hoschton Animal Hospital

“I feel like it is Christmas and I have more toys than I can play with!"

Jose Izarpate, RVT - Encino Veterinary Clinic

“Thankful and grateful for everything! To all my friends on here on IGNITE! This app has been a true blessing - love it!”

Deandra Bonk - Kiln Creek Animal Clinic

“I LOVE IGNITE! I’ve tried so many things different practice managers have discussed. It’s wonderful!”

Rebecca Peppersack - Broadway Veterinary Hospital

"Previously it seemed like veterinary practices kept each other at a distance and weren’t friendly with one another, but IGNITE allows us to ask each other questions and connect. It gives us the opportunity to help each other without the feeling of competition getting in the way. Broadway Vet loves what IGNITE has done so far and can’t wait for all that will come from it in the future!”

Maria Reyes-Nye - Trail Animal Hospital

"I love this site. It has so many resources for everyone in the hospital. It has so many great forms and information in the same place. I like that you can also customize the groups that most interest you. I think IGNITE has done the industry a great service!"

Vicki Deitz - All Paws Animal Hospital

“I love that this forum gets us all sharing and helping each other. We are all here to help the pets have a better quality of life. Helping each other assures that this priority is met via all the intricate details that are required to maintain a smooth running clinic. I feel I am a better manager and person with the help of the IGNITE team.”

Lisa Paulson, RVT - Companion Animal Hospital

“We used to wonder about where and how to find resources for any number of topics, and now our go-to is IGNITE! It’s so great to be able to find answers to questions, but even more, to be able to network with some absolutely fantastic people and know we are not alone in whatever situation we are facing. THANK you so much!!”

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