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CSR Document Hub

This group will provide CSRs with the tools and resources they need to advocate for their clients and patients, and to provide them with an all-star, consistent experience each and every time. Download and customize our hospital-tested templates, forms, and checklists.

CSR News

Dive into interesting articles, tips and best practices related to your client service role, participate in IGNITE community contests, and join in the conversations between our resident experts and CSRs across the nation.

Personal Wellness

The process of cultivating a positive and affirming mindset, and working toward a state of being in good health, is an important pursuit in the veterinary industry. This group provides resources and ideas to propel and lift up CSRs, techs, doctors, managers, and owners.

CSR Videos and Courses

This group is the CSR training headquarters. Here you'll find various training courses covering a variety of relevant topics for CSRs, as well as the veterinary industry's first ever CSR Certificate Programs.

CSR Classroom

This group is for CSRs to develop their skills and take them to the next level. We have 2 week topic focuses that use collaborative learning, corresponding materials, and open Q&A to teach CSRs the ins and outs of the topic at hand.

Canine Behavior Modification

The mission of this group is to keep every dog in his or her home by dramatically reducing the number of dogs abandoned, surrendered, or euthanized every year due to behavioral issues. Ask our Behaviorist, Donna Chandler, any questions you have surrounding dog behavior.

IGNITE Helpdesk

Ask any questions you might have about account maintenance, functionality, or how the IGNITE learning platform works. We are here to make your experience awesome!

Meet our CSR Community Moderator

All of IGNITE's CSR communities are moderated by our resident subject matter expert, seasoned and well-versed in the profession of veterinary technology and customer service.

Sara McCurley

Sara has been active in the veterinary industry for 18 years. She attended CSU and graduated with a degree in Animal Science, but unfortunately injured herself and was no longer able to pursue a career in food animal medicine as she originally intended. In the process, she realized she could still support the pets and pet owners by working on the administrative side of the hospital, and uncovered a passion for making hospitals more profitable. In 2017, she completed her M.B.A to become more effective as her role as a leader.

Sara has worked in every position of the hospital (except as a doctor or owner) both in private practice and teaching facilities. She currently is the lead CSR, Social Media Manager, and Practice Manager at a small animal clinic in Grand Junction, CO. She's passionate about the vital role of the CSR in veterinary medicine and can't wait to share her knowledge with you!

Not your Grandma's Classroom

IGNITE's curriculum for CSRs has been designed for real life in a veterinary hospital in 2019. We embrace problems that CSRs face everyday and invite them to think differently to become more talented at their craft and support their practice's success.

Another element to IGNITE's unique learning is the mouse-on activities. CSRs are asked to match, drag-n-drop, and actively participate in each module.

IGNITE's microlearning training videos (both embedded in our CSR Certification Program and on our platform) are funny as all get out, which makes for sticky learning.

IGNITE's CSR Certification Program


Each of our CSR certificate programs (CSR Level 1, CSR Level 2, and CSR Lead) has a course outline and detailed learning objectives for each module within the curriculum.


Each CSR program requires the participant to both evaluate the concepts covered in each module, and also demonstrate mastery of the skills learned.


All certificate programs have course exams, and all examinations must be passed with a 70% or better to receive a certificate of completion for the course.


We suggest for curricula with multiple courses within them must be completed in sequential order. For example; CSR Level 1 must be completed before CSR Level 2, etc.

CSR Certificate Courses & Training Videos

CSR 1 Certificate

Module 1: Where to Begin
Module 2: Veterinary Terminology and Abbreviations
Module 3: Hospitality
Module 4: Phone Etiquette
Module 5: Client Communication
Module 6: Appointment Scheduling
Module 7: Computer Use and Maintenance
Module 8: Patient Admittance
Module 9: Patient Discharge
Module 10: Cash Handling
Module 11: Creative Financing
Module 12: Marketing and Client Education
Module 13: Facility Maintenance
Module 14: Breed Identification
Cumulative Assessment

CSR 2 Certificate

Module 1: Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
Module 2: Client Relations
Module 3: Service Recovery and Conflict 101
Module 4: Appointment Scheduling
Module 5: Social Media Marketing
Cumulative Assessment

CSR Lead Certificate

Module 1: Your Role with Clients
Module 2: Your Role with Team Members
Cumulative Assessment

CSR Training Videos

New Client and Patient Drop Off
Tips for Spotting Counterfeit Bills
How to Say Bye-Bye to Bias
How to Handle an Upset Client
Caught in a Mistake: Dos and Don'ts
The Language of Lying
Canine Body Language
Human Body Language
How to Coach an Unwilling Employee

CSR Learning Community

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