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IGNITE has established a community specifically for veterinary Client Service Representatives
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CSR Documents and Training
This group will provide you with the training, tools and resources you need to advocate for your clients and patients, and to provide them with an all-star, consistent experience each and every time. Complete our tier certificate program, experience our interactive courses, and download our templates and checklists to make your job easier.
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CSR News
Dive into interesting articles, tips and best practices related to your client service role, participate in IGNITE community contests, and join in the conversations between our resident experts and CSRs across the nation.
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CSR Case Rounds
Have you encountered a difficult situation with a client or coworker? Discuss particular scenarios in a safe space and get answers from our experts and CSRs around the world - in real time
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Ask the Client Service Gurus
Ask the Client Service Gurus is a forum for questions and discussion related to veterinary CSRs, professional development, advice, and coaching.
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Vendor Partner Groups
Get the latest product news, access their resource libraries, and have 2-way conversations with their experts and support team
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IGNITE Helpdesk
Ask any questions you might have about account maintenance, functionality, or how the IGNITE learning platform works. We are here to make your experience awesome!

IGNITE's Resident CVPM and CSR Specialist

All of IGNITE's CSR communities are moderated by our resident subject matter expert, seasoned and well-versed in the profession of veterinary technology and customer service.
Kim Cinquegrana, CVPM
Kim has been working in the veterinary profession since 2004. She attended Purdue University and completed their 2-year veterinary management series in 2011 and is currently working on her Bachelors degree in business at Southern New Hampshire University.

Kim is the Practice Manager at Handel With Care Veterinary Hospital in Derry, NH. She lives on a farm with her boyfriend (Steve), her son (Shane), a quarterhorse (Tank), a rescued Saddlebred (Sir), a chocolate lab (Remy), a boxer mix (Karly), and a cat who doesn't know he's a cat (Fred).
IGNITE CSR Certification Program
It’s high time Client Service Representatives were able to put a label on their knowledge and expertise! Introducing the IGNITE CSR Certificate Program: one of the only certificate programs available, and luckily, it’s the only one you’ll need! Get certified as a CSR Level 1, CSR Level 2 or CSR Lead/Supervisor and add that shiny new label to your resumé, along with a copy of your frame worthy certificate.

IGNITE Certification Program Standards

A person deemed a subject matter expert (SME) in that field designs each certificate program curriculum. Certifications, degrees, experience, publications or other material that is RELEVANT to the subject being taught verifies this.
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Each certificate program (i.e. CSR Level 1, CSR Level 2, or CSR Lead/Supervisor) has a course outline and detailed learning objectives for each module within the curriculum.
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Each program requires the participant to both evaluate the concepts covered
in each module, and also demonstrate mastery of the skills learned.
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All certificate programs have course exams, and all examinations must be passed with a 70% or better to receive a certificate of completion for the course.
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Curricula with multiple courses within them
must be completed in sequential order. For example; CSR Level 1 must be completed before CSR Level 2.

Not Your Grandma's Classroom

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Relevant Content
IGNITE's curriculum for CSRs has been designed for real life in a veterinary hospital in 2018. We embrace problems that CSRs face everyday and invite them to think differently to become more talented at their craft and support their practice's success.
Learning Videos
IGNITE's learning videos are funny as all get out, which makes for sticky learning.
Photo of a computer with IGNITE's CSR education
Photo of a computer with IGNITE's CSR education
Not Just Staring at a Screen
Another element to IGNITE's unique learning is the mouse-on activities. CSRs are asked to match, drag-n-drop, and actively participate in each module.

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