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The Secret to Client Loyalty in the Veterinary Practice for 3 CE Credits

The Secret to Client Loyalty in the Veterinary Practice

The needs and expectations of today’s pet owners are changing. So how can you better inspire trust and create lifelong clients? This RACE-approved 3 credit CE course, The Secret to Client Loyalty in the Veterinary Practice, is designed to help strengthen client relationships.

This course is for:

  • Veterinarians
  • Technicians
  • CSRs
  • Practice Managers
  • Practice Owners

There is a gap between what pet owners think and what veterinarians think they think. This course bridges this gap, preparing veterinary staff to take action. Diggo surveys pet owners to reveal what they have to say and brings the true voice of the pet owner directly to you through digital research briefs. This course is the brief in interactive format. Both help veterinarians to better serve the needs of pets and owners, helping increase client loyalty to the practice. You will earn 3 RACE-approved CE credits upon completion of this course.

Overview and Curriculum

Part 1 - How Veterinarians & Pet Owners Define and Perceive Loyalty

Part 2 - Understand What Drives Pet Owner Loyalty

Part 3 - How Veterinarians Build Trust & Pet Owner Loyalty

Final Exam

How It Works

Course Length

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. However, we recommend you invest the time to take the course in one session, so you understand everything you need to know about client loyalty right away.


100% online


Diggo publishes ongoing research findings in a digital research brief. Diggo is a veterinary research service, providing unique insights into pet owner thinking and behavior to provide direction on how you can better serve changing client needs. Trone Research + Consulting is the brains behind Diggo. Trone has decades of experience conducting marketing research for manufacturers and service providers in the companion animal veterinary and consumer segments. Unlike traditional research, this is not commissioned by a third party.